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Bob bales whisky stars

A whisky tasting experience to excite, enthrall & enthuse. A truly remarkable evening's presentation of rich history, anecdotes, myths and live Celtic music.

Each presentation includes single malt whiskies of varying ages and regions,  live music, historical and anecdotal accounts, discussion, visuals on screen and more often than not... Supper too. Presented in cozy surroundings, the Whisky Tastings let you set aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life and allows the mind, the muses and the sensuality to develop. For a moment in time you will be on a journey across Scotland with whiskies from a wide range of tastes.

A whisky tasting with Bob Bales is an educational event, with expert commentary, anecdotes, stories, films, photographs, and live music!

The many Whiskies, however, are always the centre of attention - the stars of the evening.

Because we enjoy our national drink in Scotland and Ireland as an aperitif, digestif, or simply together with friends, like wine, you drink not always the same variety. It's fun to go on olfactory journeys to discover new flavours!

UK CONTACT: G. McLusky mail@graham-mclusky.co.uk

Tel: 01526 323333